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Areas of Focus

I provide support for many different diagnoses and life experiences in and outside of my specialties. See below for more information.

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Anxiety exists in many shapes and sizes. You may experience generalized anxiety, social anxiety, or other specific types of anxiety. While there are some differences approaches  of therapy used for different types of anxiety, there are some common themes. Therapy for anxiety focuses on changing your relationship to your anxiety so that you feel more capable of coping with anxiety and living your life the way you want.  

vector of hand holding a heart

Caregiving In Chronic Illness

My in depth understanding of chronic illness allows me to help understand caregiver needs as well. In addition to your more typical caregiver relationships, I understand the needs of young caregiving spouses as well. We can focus on how to take care of yourself while caring for another, process grief, and help you feel fulfilled.

outline of head and brain


My work is all done through a neuro affirming lens. I encourage self compassion and acceptance of your neurotype no matter what your reason for coming to therapy.  

image of someone sitting with their head between their knees


Seeking therapy when you are depressed is very difficult. If you are even looking at this page, you have taken a major step. Our work together can help you feel more like yourself and find meaning in your life.

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Body Image

Body image issues can happen to anyone. We recieve so many messages from the world about how our bodies should look and those messages cause harm. Whether your body issues stem from your relationship with food, health issues, self esteem, or something else, we can work together to help you feel more at ease in your body.

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Good sleep is the foundation for emotional wellness. Having difficutly sleeping can be frustrating and obviously, exhausting. There are a lot of reasons why you may be having issues with sleep. We can target the different aspects that influence your sleep concerns and help you get the rest you need.

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It can feel like OCD is the driver in your life but my goal is to help you become the driver of your own life again by changing your relationship to your obsessional thoughts and feelings, and compulsive behaviors. 

an outline of an adult hand holding a child's hand


The adjustment to parenthood is so significant and often is a catalyst for identifying areas of growth for yourself, processing the way you were raised by your parents, and seeing the need for your own support. The decision to begin therapy as a parent can be life changing for you and your family. 

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